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Lyons Entertainment Launched!

October 6th, 2009

Today is the day of new releases. Once again a new piece has been added to our portfolio. This time it is with Lyons Entertainment, A large video production company that specializes in taking your pilot and pitching it to the right people to make your TV series a reality.

Our work with Lyons Entertainment:

  • We created a cleaner more appealing informational website. Helping restructure their site so that it was easier to navigate and easier on the eyes. Utilizing lighter and earthy colors to help open up the site so that people can view their pages without being held down by color heavy backgrounds.

  • Incorporated a CCMS (Custom Content Management System). Allowing them to modify individual pages as they please. Making their site fluid and exciting.

  • HTML/CSS Compliant. Their site, like all others that Double Lunar Media produces, is 100% HTML/CSS compliant. What does this mean? Well it means that all the coding put into the site is designed with W3C standards. Making this site compatible with all browsers and operating systems. So the site will look the same on a Mac or PC and it will work the same in Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and all other internet browsers.

Please visit Lyons Entertainment's portfolio page HERE

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