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IE (Internet Explorer) Problems

November 6th, 2009

What can we say, we  are not fans of Internet Explorer (IE).  Sure, IE is the popular internet browser and it makes up 50% of the browsers used, but it is terrible to design for. It does not like the CSS programming language very much and we're pretty sure CSS does not like it as well. It is a confusing love/hate relationship. With all this said, we just want to let you know that some pages are currently broken for IE users. We are working to get them working again. For instance,  if you are on IE 7,  the "Ready 4 A Website" page is not displaying correctly. If you are wanting a website consultation please go to the contact page (link here).

We are working vigorously to make this page behave like the others. As a small disclaimer, doublelunar.com is best viewed in Firefox 3.5+ with a screen resolution of 1440 x 900. We know that everyone has different parameters and we make sure all our clients websites display the same under any parameters.

One last thing, we are not going to tell you which browser to use.  But, if you want a secure and powerful browser please follow the links below for information on Firefox. It is swiftly taking over as the #1 browser used and has a strong community of followers to help develop the best browser. All in all,  we are not saying you are living in the 80's for using IE---we are just giving a run down on an alternate internet browser.

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